Rain Music

Be still. Listen.

Does the music make you think of rain or water?

Garrett Arney plays Rain Dance, by Alice Gomez, on the marimba.


Kalani shows you how to play the Rainstick.


Yundi plays Raindrop, by Chopin, on the piano.

Philip Glass plays music on the piano that sounds like water.


The Willson Suite orchestra plays Gentle Rain by Robert W. Smith.

Do you hear the sound of “raindrops”?


Being Brave


What does being brave mean to you?



Marble, the dog, was scared of humans.

Watch how Marble learned to be brave.


Meet Jason Chee. In 2013, Jason lost his arm and legs in an accident. What are his dreams?


Jason is a brave man. He never gives up.

In 2017, Jason was awarded the Straits Times Athlete of the Year!

Meet Yip Pin Xiu. She is a Singaporean backstroke swimmer. Who is Pin Xiu’s hero?

Nick Vujicic helps Dan and Andy learn what it means to never give up.



How can you be brave?


What goes up but never comes down?

Your age.

I have a head and a tail but no body. What am I?

A coin.

The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?


Everyone has it and no one can lose it. What is it?

A shadow.

What has hands but cannot clap?

A clock.

It gets bigger and bigger the more you take away from it. What am I?

A hole.