So Many Seeds



Quinoa seeds

Photo credit: Niedereschbach (Own work), Wikimedia Commons



Alfalfa sprouts

Photo credit: Frédérique Voisin-Demery, Flickr


A cup of coffee and coffee seeds.

Soy Beans

Soy beans


Lynn Betts / Photo courtesy of USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service., via Wikimedia Commons

Learn about Mr Amirthaalangaranm, the Kacang Puteh man.


Can you spot the sesame seeds?


A dish of Chee Cheong Fun (Steamed Rice Rolls)

Photo credit: Cmglee(Own work), Wikimedia Commons



Being Brave


What does being brave mean to you?



Marble, the dog, was scared of humans.

Watch how Marble learned to be brave.


Meet Jason Chee. In 2013, Jason lost his arm and legs in an accident. What are his dreams?


Jason is a brave man. He never gives up.

In 2017, Jason was awarded the Straits Times Athlete of the Year!

Meet Yip Pin Xiu. She is a Singaporean backstroke swimmer. Who is Pin Xiu’s hero?

Nick Vujicic helps Dan and Andy learn what it means to never give up.



How can you be brave?

My Pet

This elephant is as big as a house.

This bird is as small as a cup!

These dogs are as fast as the hare they are chasing, but not fast enough!

This cat is as soft as a carpet.

Meet Mr Mitani and his pet tortoise.

Jacob visits a bird shop.


Uncle Robin talks about pet songbirds.


Uncle John loves birds so much, he could even sound like one!


Do you want a pet? Watch this video.

One Big Milkshake

Check out these kid-friendly recipes.















Sing and dance to the Milkshake song!

#music #motor skills

Where can we buy fruits in Singapore?

#culture #environmental awareness

Play Activities

  • Pretend Play (Smoothie Shop)
  • Make your own milkshake recipe

Early Numeracy

  • numbers used in recipe
  • sequencing (which fruit do you add first, then the next)
  • talk about texture of various fruits
  • discuss how heavy or light a different fruits feel
  • use words like “more” or “less”

Motor Skills Development

  • hopping
  • peeling fruit
  • pouring