My Pet

This elephant is as big as a house.

This bird is as small as a cup!

These dogs are as fast as the hare they are chasing, but not fast enough!

This cat is as soft as a carpet.

Meet Mr Mitani and his pet tortoise.

Jacob visits a bird shop.


Uncle Robin talks about pet songbirds.


Uncle John loves birds so much, he could even sound like one!


Do you want a pet? Watch this video.

Where Is It Hiding?

Where is the tiger hiding?


By Raghupraveera (Own work) /Wikimedia Commons

Where is the fish hiding?


Where is the dog hiding?


Dg-505 /Wikimedia Commons

Where is the cat hiding?

Cat Hiding Leaves Dry Leaves Cold Fall


Where are the girls hiding?Children Hiding Kids Surprised Play Girls

Where is the boy hiding?

hiding boy.jpg
Photo by cdorobek / Flickr